The ISO, as a sailing class, falls into the category of racing skiffs. It is a 2 person dinghy that is equipped with a single trapeze and asymmetrical spinnaker. It is a fast, high-performance racing dinghy that is a lot of fun to sail and compete in. It is often equipped with detachable wings which give it some versatility as the wings can help lighter crews gain better balance over the boat but can be removed for heavier crews. The ISO is designed for crew weights ranging from 275 lbs to 365 lbs. It can be sailed by sailors of different ability and is a good boat to gain some sailing experience in. The ISO is a popular boat for competitive sailing, partly because of its reasonable cost in comparison to other racing boats. There are usually a number of them available second-hand and many sailing clubs hold racing competitions for their members. The ISO is suitable for sailing both in inland waters and on the open sea. While it is favored for racing the ISO is just as much fun for leisure sailing. World Sailing (formerly the International Sailing Federation) is the governing body of sailing for the world and is recognized as such by both the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee. It was first formed in Paris in 1907 under the name of the International Yacht Racing Union. The IYRU was formed when it became apparent that competing sailors needed a standard set of rules and measurements to race by. Prior to the formation of the IYRU each club would have their own set of rules, but once clubs began competing against each other the differences between rules became an issue. The IYRU changed its name to the International Sailing Federation in 1996 and there are 139 member countries currently associated with World Sailing. The mission of World Sailing, aside from being the governing body for the sport of sailing, is to encourage and foster an interest in sailing worldwide. World Sailing has a number of responsibilities, including the following:
  • Promotion of the sport of sailing internationally
  • Management of sailing at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Development of the Racing Rules of Sailing and the regulations that govern all sailing competitions
  • Training of all judges, umpires and administrators
  • Development of the sport globally
  • Representation of the sailors in all matters pertaining to the sport of sailing.
The Royal Yachting Association is the national governing body for all forms of boating in the UK. The RYA was formed in 1875 under the name of the Yacht Racing Association and changed its name to the Royal Yachting Association in 1952. The RYA is a leader in maritime publishing, with over 110 books, eBooks and DVDs. RYA publications are very well regarded around the world, with many being translated into more than 20 other languages.

The development of the sport led to the development of other niche industries as well. In the late 1990s the betting industry started offering bets for sailing competitions. It turned out that the number of people betting on this sport was not high as a number, but the sheer amounts they gambled was times higher than the average for other sports. According to the fans that bet on sailing do so with amounts that are on average 12 times higher than the fans that bet on football. This is significant difference and the betting industry could simply not ignore it.

The RYA has a number of responsibilities within the UK, including the following:
  • Help Britain’s best windsurfing and sailing talents reach their full potential from their earliest competitions all the way to winning Olympic Gold, including those who are disabled
  • Manage development programs that encourage and provide the opportunity for young people to try sailing
  • Ensure that sailing clubs receive the funding required to maintain and upgrade their facilities
  • Provide training materials, courses and training programs to help sailors excel to international levels
  • Train instructors to the highest standard so that they in turn can coach sailors
  • Govern the international sailing rules within the UK

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