It’s now November with a terrific sunny day after a rather miserable October. The Y&Y December edition has just landed on the mat delightfully distracting away from the day job.

Turned through to the Racing Classes section, having admired the Oracle AC72 – if you’ve got to break something do it style !! Note the Spider Man pic on the last page too !!

The numbers table makes for some dim reading for sailing overall having declining numbers, with notable exceptions. So whilst our event attendance isn’t what it was, we can at least be encouraged by the fact that so many other classes have reduced numbers too. The message – it isn’t us and it isn’t the boat. Even the RS200 has halved its numbers.

Reflecting on the sailing we’ve had this year, the wettest year for a very long time, our events have all been superb with good winds and no real rain to deter attendance. Even the light forecasts have turned out to produce some reasonable breezes with the only disappointment being the Inlands Day 2 being flat calm.

2012 ISO AdvertThe highlight of the season was undoubtedly the Nationals at Highcliffe with strong breezes and those rollers just big enough to get some excellent surfing – and the grin factor to go with it.

Looking forward to some winter sailing and the 2013 season, which will hopefully produce more grin factor sailing.

Come and join us in 2013 – and some winter events.

Bob Ladell – Chairman

ISO 814