The ISO Class Association (formerly known as the UK ISO Class Association), is run like most other associations, on a voluntary basis. The committee consists of ISO sailors around the country of varying skills and abilities both on and off the water. The current hard working committee can be viewed via the “Contact Us” section of this site. As a close working team, they aim to maintain and increase the strength and popularity of the ISO Class. Whilst they make decisions for the ISO sailors, they are always open to feedback and opinions of the ISO sailors themselves on whatever topics arise. Any problems as to the manufacture or supply of ISO parts etc, the committee take this responsibility on board for you, the ISO Class member, and apporaches the manufacturer / supplier with the problem.

As usual, things don’t come for free. Training weekends, snail mail postings consisting of ballot papers and membership certificates, as well as the annual dinghy show based at Alexandra Palace in London, all require funding. The funding is sourced from the class’ members, usually ISO sailors. Those who pay the annual £30 by direct debit or online via PayPal, or £35 if paying by cheque, are entitiled to have their say on the direction of the ISO class and what they would like to see modified or continued. The membership fee also entitles the member to race on the very popular sociable ISO race circuit, which is held at several venues throughout the year.


Just a little Q & A for you:

  • Are Interested in the future of the ISO Class?
  • Would you like to have a say in what should happen to the ISO?
  • Would you like support when dealing with manufacturers / suppliers?
  • Would you like the ISO Class to be on display at the Dinghy Shows?
  • Are you interested in seeing more people around the country sailing / racing ISO’s?
  • Would you like hints, tips and tweaks for both you and your boat?
  • Would you like some hands on coaching in your ISO by the top of the fleet sailors?
  • Would you like to join in the fun at some / all of the ISO open meetings?

Did you answer ‘Yes’ to any, or even all of the above questions? Then sounds like you need to get joined up to the class association! Very simple to do.

  • There are two membership options to choose from (Associate or Full)
  • There are two methods of payment for each membership option (online or paper). Both will get the same end result but the online will be instantaneous(ish) and the paper will be upto 7 days all being well!
  • Paper method can be via:
    • Cheque or
    • Direct debit through your bank
  • Online method is via PayPal and either one off payment or a Direct Debit.

Associate Membership:
This entitles you to post on the forum and to read all the members only articles on the website i.e. the tips, tricks and tweaks. It does not entitle you to race on the circuit.

Full Membership:
This is as per the associate membership, but in addition, allows you to race at the ISO Class events i.e. the Gala Series, National, Inland & European Championships.
For more information, contact us.